About Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country sandwiched between two Asia giants China and India. Nepal is known for its scenic beauty, mountains and its people. Nepal is home of Mount Everest.Out of ten tallest mountains, eight mountains are in Nepal.Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations according to survey done by BBC news. Nepal has the richest and most diverse culture landscape anywhere. Nepal presents an example of being united in diversity over the history and maintained its sovereignty through out the history.

Apart from the natural beauty and diverse culture, Nepal is also famous for its hardworking, loyal, honest people. The country possesses human resources of highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. The nation has 8 million strong work forces out of approximately 25 million population consisting of 70 ethnic group each having different culture and languages. Despite having multi-religion, multi culture and multi language society, a perfect harmony among people witness through the history ensuring peace and tranquility.

The introduction of the Nepalese people to the outside world began with the enlistment in the British Gurkha Army in 1814 A.D. serving under British Empire to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and United Kingdom, where they were renowned for their bravery and loyalty. From mid 80s, the scope of foreign employment slowly expanded to non-military services in Middle East, Far East and Europe. With their honesty, loyalty, hard work and strong sense of duty Nepalese people are becoming popular and gaining and gaining preference in these job markets.